Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Walk Gently By Wendy Tunison Designs

Sometimes the bad things that happen in our lives put us directly on the path to the best things in our life.  But while we endure those bad times, or those around us do, it's important to remember to walk gently on their souls and on our own.  It's easy to say get up and enjoy life when you haven't been sucked into the depths of despair but for those that have, sometimes the only release is an artistic journey.  Hopefully this kit will help you scrap those difficult times in your life and maybe, just maybe it will bring a little peace to your soul to be able to scrap the hard things.  Walk Gently has a soft color scheme that can easily convey both the dark times and the light that happens when you live through it.  You'll find plenty of pieces in this kit to fit most any occassion from the saddest of moments to the elation of finally seeing your way through.  Be sure to check out the add ons or pick up the bundle for even better pricing! 
I just love this new kit by Wendy Tunison.  Here are a couple of layouts that I did with it.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Are you looking for a fast and easy way to put a layout together? I've got the solution! Wendy Tunison Designs' latest template pack, Temptations Vol. 43, has four amazing templates with a fun blocked style. You can purchase it for 30% off through October 1st.
Here are my layouts.

Friday, September 18, 2015

Simply Life, by Wendy Tunison Designs

Sometimes life is messy. Sometimes life is fun. Sometimes life just does it's own thing no matter what you want it to do. Simply Life is the same's messy and fun and you just never know what you're going to find in this kit! It's quirky and the color palette is fabulous and so versatile! You'll love the bits of gold here and there too! You're going to love playing with this huge kit full of all of life's little bits and pieces!
The kit is 30% off through September 24th.
Be sure to check out the add ons. There are�eight of them�and all�of them are�30% off through September 24th.
If you like it all, there is a bundle available. For $15, it is a fabulous deal.
Here are the layouts that I created with this kit.

Sunday, September 6, 2015

An Extraordinary Life, By Wendy Tunison Designs

Oftentimes we forget just how extraordinary our lives are. We get stuck in the mundane daily things and overlook the bounty of blessings in our lives. When I retired An Extraordinary Life, my creative team was not happy with me! So when I decided to open my store again, the first thing they requested was a revival of this kit. Well, you know me! I couldn’t just release it again, I had to make it even better! What does that mean for you? That means that this kit includes all of the pieces from the original kitPLUS an entirely new stash of awesomeness to go with it! You’re going to love the new additions and the way they’ve enhanced the original kit. The colors are playful and so much fun to play with. The variety of ellies will have your head spinning as you quickly realize there are over 200 of them to choose from! I asked my creative team what they wished this kit had and then set out to make it all happen! You’re going to love this revival! Don’t forget to check out the great add ons or pick up the bundle that includes it all!

Introducing An Extraordinary Life {revived}

Now for all the fun extras that are available. There are seven to choose from: Alphas, Wrappers, Word Bits, Journal Cards, Graffiti, Clusters and Dates.



Word Bits

Journal Cards




If you want to make your life a little easier, you can purchase all of the above in a bundle.

There are also three separate packs of Quick Pages available, so you can simply drop your photos in place and have a 36 page album of coordinating layouts.

Quick Pages Pack 1

Quick Pages Pack 2

Quick Pages Pack 3

Today’s beautiful freebie was created for you by CT member Shelly. Just click the preview to download.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Wendy Tunison Designs

Wendy Tunison Designs has got a fabulous new set of templates for you this week that will make creating new layouts fast and easy!  Temptations 41 is 30% off during its introductory week!


Check out the most amazing layouts our creative team made with this set and Pride and Prejudice...

T41a T41b T41c T41d T41e T41f T41g

You can also pick up Pride & Prejudice for 50% off through the end of the month!

Have a great day!


Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy New YEAR!!!! New collabs and a new Bits-N-Pieces by Wendy Tunison

Hello 2015 and welcome to a new year at Scraps N Pieces!
Let's get right to it.  It's a long post, so be sure to scroll ALL the way through it.  Enjoy!
The SNP Designers were busy putting together a new store collab kit for you called Rise and Shine.  Grab the kit or the bundle (includes the quickpages). Use the collab kit to earn forum challenge points by posting a layout in the Collab Kit Challenge.


The Bits N Pieces color palette this month was so soft and pretty and the theme was Winter, perfect for January.
Remember, each of the product pieces sold are only $1 each the first week, through the 7th.  After that, the designers can bundle them up, and they're set at regular price.  Use any of these pieces to earn forum challenge points by posting a layout in the BNP Challenge.
Here's a look at what Wendy Tunison Designs has in the sale this month!
Take a look at the beautiful layouts our creative team was able to make with this collection!

Here's a look at what all of the designers have to offer this month!
 Whew...that was a lot, huh?  Bet you can't wait to snatch them all up and start on your layouts. ***** Take a break from the downloading and unzipping of new stuff, and join us for a speed scrap this month.
***** Be sure to check out a couple new challenges in the forum:
Featured Designer Challenge Each month, there will be 3 designers featured. Each designer will have her shop on sale for 1 week during the month. Your challenge is to create 1-3 layouts using the 3 featured designers kits. You may use products from all 3 designers on one layout, or you can do up to 3 layouts, one from each designer.
P12 Challenge Last year, we hosted a P52 challenge with weekly prompts.  This year, your project will only require you to post one layout per month with prompts (and maybe some freebies) from the hosting designer. *****
Head on over to the Scraps N Pieces blog starting January 1 (and bookmark it too). Set yourself a reminder because you will not want to miss the Pick Up The Pieces (Download A Day).  Each piece will be available for 24 hours starting on January 1st through January 31st.  On February 1st, the kits that were given away in January will be available for sale if you want to just purchase them. Then, in February, use the pieces you picked up to scrapbook a layout for our Scrap The Pieces challenge in our forum and earn points towards FREE STUFF!